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                Product categories


                The colorfulness of life, we must learn to taste, the appearance of popular home textile products, a change in home life, open a new vision like a trip

                about us


                Pursue first-class quality and first-class service

                Tonglu Yarui Home Textile Co., Ltd.

                Tonglu Yarui HomeTextiles Co., Ltd. located in the scenic Fuchun River Bank, from the resort of strict Zailingdiaotai 2 km, 70 km from Hangzhou, 320 countries along the 1,000-Hangzhou Expressway and exit of the Tonglu and strategic location, transportation is very convenient, the Company There are broad prospects for the development of the company. Is the design, production, processing, marketing as one of the integrated companies.

                • refreshing
                • Soft
                • moisture
                • Washable
                products show


                The main products are double-sided carpet, double-faced velvet toys, and other series of cushions, and all kinds of bedding

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                You are always welcome to follow the latest news of our company.

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                We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit and negotiate business.

                Address:2nd Floor, South Home, Houshan Village, Gantan Town, Jiande City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China